LCD Screen and Keyboard Cleaner- Yh-668k cleaning three-piece blister computer cleaning kit

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LCD Screen and Keyboard Cleaner- Yh-668k cleaning three-piece blister computer cleaning kit


Product introduction:

1. Special cleaning brush for two USES

A fine fiber cleaning brush can wipe the dust off your monitor and keyboard.


2: special cleaner

The use of superior surfactants can quickly and effectively remove dust, stains and fingerprints from LCD screens and other computer, television, plasma screens, game machine screens and camera LCD screens. And decontamination, sterilization, anti - static, dust - proof effect. This product is alcohol-free and has a neutral PH value. It will not damage the LCD screen or any other display screen surface.

The professional cleaner used for digital products is non-toxic and environment-friendly, which can conveniently remove dust and static electricity on the surface of all kinds of display screens and instruments, and does no harm to electronic equipment.

A. remove the cap and spray A small amount of detergent on the screen or on the surface of the instrument

B. choose clean cloth or magic cloth to wipe according to the size of the area

C. it is not allowed to clean the keyboard or instrument


3: the special cleaning blow for digital camera consists of artificial rubber

Professional maintenance personnel special, can blow off the keyboard gap and instrument surface dust, to avoid dust on the instrument surface scratches;


4:3 M professional wipes magic cloth

The magic cloth is made of ultra-fine three-dimensional fiber. It can clean the display screen and instrument surface of all kinds of digital products.



User guide:

Fine fiber cleaning brush can be used to wipe dust off your monitor, keyboard or other electronic equipment surfaces.

1. Hold the white part in the middle of the cleaning brush and remove the red cover

2. Wipe the keyboard gaps or some equipment surfaces with the brush end

3. For dry surface only, do not drop the cleaner on the brush

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Thanks it’s original and trusted site

Thanks it’s original and trusted site

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The delivery was fast and the product is original and good as well :)

Truely Original

I had a lot of doubt when purchasing the product. But after I recieved it, I was really satisfied and happy to get the genuine product.

100% Original & Brand New Product. Best price in the market.

Very happy with the purchase. Initially i was hesitated to purchase online & planned to verify and purchase the product directly from their store. Called Mr.anand and palnned for a direct visit. As i dont get time, called him again & placed an order online and got the original brand new product within one working day.

Recommend you guys to purchase this product without any hesitation.