3M Professional Wash Soap Concentrate (5 litre)

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3M Maxx wash Soap Concentrate is a highly concentrated liquid soap which develops heavy bodies, long-lasting soap suds/cluster, which quickly removes dirt and road film from exterior automotive surface.

3M Maxx wash Soap Concentrate is user friendly and gives effective cleaning of tough water marks.

3M Maxx wash Soap Concentrate is completely safe to use on the surface.

Direction of use:

  1. Add 10 ml of soap concentrate to 1 liter of water in a container or Foam Gun
  2. Remove any grit on the car surface which might cause scratch on the paint surface
  3. Apply diluted solution to the surface with wash mitt, sponge or foam gun
  4. Scrub and wash using appropriate brush or sponge if required
  5. Rinse thoroughly and dry it clean using Meguiar water magnet cloth and 3M microfiber cloth


  • Fights tough Stains
  • Car soap cuts through dirt with ease
  • Special formula won't harm wax layers
  • Soap reveals true beauty of cars by stripping away residue
  • Phosphate-free formula is body shop safe
  • Multi surface cleaner for both interior and exterior application
  • Gives glossy wax coat finish
  • Ideal for surfaces like paint, alloy, wheel and glass
  • Easy application

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