WaterScience Aroma Therapy Shower Filter

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Say NO to hair fall, itchy scalp and dry skin!

Better hair and skin
✅3 flow modes
✅Aromapads with Natural Essential Oils
Fits all standard showers

Upgrade to CLEO Aromatherapy Shower Filter for hard water, chlorine and sediments. From the earthy eucalyptus to refreshing citrus, find your favourite and upgrade your shower experience. 🌿✨ 
And it is not all just fragrance- get protection from hard water! 

Why choose the CLEO Aromatherapy Shower Filter?

Multi-layer filtration: CLEO Shower Filters contain multilayer filtration cartridges which can reduce the effects of hardness and chlorine in water.

Multi-flow modesComes with 3 flow modes for the best showering experience. 

 Choose form 5 different aroma pads: Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Citrus & Juniperberry. Made with 100% natural essential oils to give you a refreshing shower experience.

Installation: You can install the CLEO shower and tap filter in 3 minutes. No plumber is required.

Compatibility: CLEO Shower filters are compatible with ½ inch shower arms

Cartridge type: CLEO shower and Tap filters come with replaceable cartridges of two variants. Please pick the right cartridge as per your water source.

1. Metro/Municipal cartridge
Use Municipal cartridge for chlorine & hardness with TDS < 800ppm

2. Borewell/Tanker cartridge
Use Borewell cartridge for high hardness, no chlorine with TDS up to 1800 ppm.

The CLEO multi-shower filter does not reduce TDS. Read the blog to learn more or watch the video

Specially made in India for Indian water conditions

✅60 days money back guarantee
✅5 years warranty
✅Trusted by 5L+ customers

✨Support: Please contact customer care (1800-121-0599) or write to us at care@watercience.in in case of a compatibility check for taps/ showers.

Make your everyday shower into a spa with the AromaTherapy Shower Filter from WaterScience. Reduces hairfall and protects skin from hard water while having a luxurious fragrant shower with the AromaTherapy Shower Filter.

Order your hard water filter for the shower today and see the difference for yourself!

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