Parryware SmartFlush Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner- Citrus 500 170g

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Brand Parryware
Item Form Liquid & Solid
Scent Citrus
Specific Uses For Product Toilet
Material Feature Biodegradable
Item Volume 500 Millilitres
Net Quantity 170.0 gram
Surface Recommendation Toilet
Material Type Free Bleach Free
Special Feature Lasts upto 500* flushes

  • Parryware Safe Essentials Proudly Introduces SmartFlush Citurs Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Citrus Fragrance! Effortless cleaning starts with SmartFlush. Right choice for improved, germ free cleaning
  • Effective Cleaner: SmartFlush releases deep cleaning foam at the end of every flush and provides 99.9% disinfection by eliminating germs
  • Deodorizer: Say goodbye to Air Fresheners! SmartFlush comes in triple action formula. It cleans, disinfects and releases pleasant citrus fragrance thereby keeping your bathroom forever fresh
  • Economical Pack: SmartFlush is far superior than other ordinary tablets because it lasts upto 600 flushes. Fragrance and colour lasts till the final flush. Releases liquid only when flushed. ZERO wastage of product.
  • Safety Feature: Unlike other toilet cleaning blocks that may cause fumes and damage to ceramics when left unflushed for longer period, SmartFlush is designed to be safe and gentle on ceramics and for human skin.
  • Stench-free Bathroom Experience: When used in the cistern tank, SmartFlush Citrus not only gets rid of germs and odours but also successfully combats the bad smell that is frequently connected to sewage treatment plant (STP) water. Every time, have a more enjoyable and revitalising bathroom experience.
  • SmartFlush Automatic Toilet Cleaner in Citrus Fragrance will transform your toilet cleaning regimen. With each flush, take pleasure in the powerful cleansing power, sanitary outcomes, and pleasant citrus aroma.
  • SmartFlush takes care of germs and bacteria proactively, so you can say goodbye to worries about their spreading when you flush. Try SmartFlush Citrus today and enjoy its freshness, cleanliness, and ease of use!

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