TUSCAN Gold Battery Charger for AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries TG-001

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TUSCAN Gold Battery Charger for AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries TG-001


  • Capacity = 2100mah, voltage =1.2 V, cell type = ni-mh
  • This charger charges aa/aaa ni-mh/ni-cd rechargeable batteries
  • Charges 2/4 aa/aaa sizes at a time
  • Can fully charge aa 2100 mah nimh in 10.5 (Approx) hours
  • Input = ac 220v 50 hz output = dc 2.4v 240 ma
  • Product description

    Ideal for batteries used in both high and low drain devices like digital cameras, video games, remote-controlled toys, camcorders, wall clocks, portable cd players, Walkman, mp3 payers, digital audio recorders and so on. Zero % cadmium content, hence environment friendly. Features: Slim and Lightweight sophisticated design Charge Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries 2 or 4 charging channels for AA/AAA Rechargeable Batteries Safety features include primary battery detection and safety timer environmentally friendly packaging with less corrugated paper CAUTION : Dont charge 1.5Valkaline or carbon battery.otherwise, it will leak or cause explosion. Dont mix charging of different specifications or capacities batteries.

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