dealsplant Vs Others

Why should buy from dealsplant?


Well, you might ask why should I buy from dealsplant, when so many leading online websites are available?

All of the Online sites are NOT selling products themselves, rather they play as intermediates who work for commissions.

You know the difference between buying directly and thru mediator! 

We are direct sellers, NO mediators in between you and us. Means, you no need to pay the 'EXTRA' commission charges hidden in every product you buy. Hence, you pay less at dealsplant compared to any other big sites.


Easy Returns & Replacements 

Well, We at dealsplant offer you returns & replacements for any genuine issues.


Shipping Anywhere

Other leading Sites may deny your orders, If you are from Interior parts or villages. Whereas, at dealsplant, We are committed to deliver your order ANYWHERE in India. Yes, ANY PINCODES in India - Delivery Guaranteed!



You can Customize your order as per your requirement whereas other sites may not allow to customize

Bulk Orders

B2B Business to Business purchase is possible with proper GST invoices at best ever wholesale prices. Other sites doesn't offer B2B purchases. 

Gifts / Corporate Gifts

Want to Gift Someone? Planning for return Gifts for your B'day Party? Treat your Invitees with Gifts On your Marriage? Want to please your Employees with gifts? 
We Suggest Best gift items based on your Budget at the sametime with innovative gadgets! Either We can send all items in bulk to you OR we can deliver each item at your well-wishers door step! To try it, Simply Contact Us!

Suggest & Buy

You can Suggest / Ask for Any brand & Any product at dealsplant. We procure it for you and list it at best price

Bargain & Buy

Bargaining is art of buying! We believe it strongly. We, Indians are more satisfied when buying with bargain, isn't it? We already quoted less price. Still if you only satisfy in bargaining, we are ready for that! Let See your Bargaining Power :)

Why Cash on Delivery not provided from dealsplant? Why should I pay before?

Market studies shows that approx 60% of COD orders are not successful. Reasons for that, 60% people are placing COD orders just for fun, time passing and to test. But, seller pays 2 way shipping costs for the couriers if COD order is not paid by customers. Products are in transit for multiple days. Even if the order is successful, the payment is getting locked with courier partner for about a month. These extra costs are recovered by increasing the price of the product. 

It clearly shows that 'Genuine Buyers' are punished by increased product costs. 

We at dealsplant respect 'Genuine buyers' and most prefer 'Genuine buyers'. We don't want to burden our customers and want to keep the spirit of 'nobody deals better than us'


How to trust dealsplant? Is my money safe?

Well! We at dealsplant, believe in 'Long Term business'. We strongly believe & follow ethical business. We want repeated customers rather new customers.


We want to keep our existing customers happy & satisfied than bringing more new customers. To achieve this, 'HONESTY' & 'TRANSPARENCY' are the key. We assure we keep up this always.


Refer reviews about dealsplant before you buy. Ask us questions. Visit us in our sales office. Once you witness & understand about us, place your orders!


And Finally - Why not bigger Sites? Why from dealsplant?

Good! All Big Online Sites in India are operated by Foreign Corporates directly or Indirectly. All our Indian money are taken to foreign countries. 

But, dealsplant is operated by "PURE" Indian and 100% operated from India. All our Money will rotate within our country.


* Read terms & conditions to know more about return policies